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In this world of abundance and of anonymous mass production, design and innovation, coupled with quality, are vital ingredients for market success. LASK eyewear stands for exclusive glasses of the very highest quality and design. We can offer top class glasses that you will love wearing and that will create a positive impression. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring that our customers are happy.

Handmade in Germany

Our frames are made to order in a small factory in Germany. The manufacturing process involves many individual stages and is largely done by hand. The frames are manufactured with the utmost care in close cooperation with the factory and with master opticians, after which they undergo practical testing.

Made from acetate

All the frames in our spectacles collection are made using the finest cellulose acetate produced by renowned Italian manufacturers. Depending on the model, we use glossy, monochrome and multicoloured acetate plates for processing. The frames undergo extensive polishing in a drum, which gives them their smooth, high-gloss finish. The perfect surface finish to the cellulose acetate that this creates means that the frames feel pleasant against your skin. The finished frame model made from cellulose acetate, without the corrective lenses, weighs about 23 g. The combination of the lightweight design and wide bridge make them comfortable to wear. The ends of the temples are ergonomically designed to sit perfectly against your head. The opticians will make a final customised adaptation in the shop by heating the temples and adjusting them to suit the wearer.

Innovative glasses hinge: bend-180

Nothing gets closer to you than your glasses. Therefore, we attach great importance to ensuring that they feel excellent to wear. We have developed a very flexible hinge with large degrees of freedom in order to optimise this. We call it bend-180. The flexible material used for this in conjunction with the special hinge geometry enable the width of the temples to be adapted independently to suit the wearer for the very first time. This enables very good wearer comfort to be achieved. Thanks to the shape memory of the material used, this function is guaranteed reliably and permanently. Another advantage is that the bend-180 hinge does its job without experiencing any wear at all. It is designed to be screwless, and its assembly is also tool-free. All frames are 100% metal-free. The flexible material of the hinge is UV-resistant, food-safe, skin-tolerant and works at a temperature range of -40° to 110° Celsius. The decisive advantage over conventional screw hinges is the high flexibility of the hinge, guaranteeing the longevity of each frame.


The models in our eyerope collection are named after major European cities which were a major source of inspiration to us for the Munich, Milan, Barcelona, London, Zurich and Geneva models. The styles of glasses differ from one another through their unique and distinctive design, although they have the basic concept of the innovative bend-180 hinge in common. Thanks to its excellent properties, the hinge seems ideal for use in children’s glasses. Therefore, we decided to include an eyekids collection named Max and Moritz in our range of products right from the start. The models come in a fun range of colours. We are working on further collections, and they will follow in due course.

About us

Our team consists of an architect and a designer who, alongside the successful development of architecture and cars, are embarking upon the world of eyewear. As newcomers, we are seeking to challenge the existing market and are consistently on the look-out for innovative solutions to enhance customer benefits. We work with great passion and professionalism to live up to our claims and to attract your enthusiasm. We are focused on the design, development and sale of our eyewear collections. The products on offer here, consisting of two exclusive eyewear collections, are aimed at the owners of selected opticians.